Bitmine’s 28nm ASIC miner announcements: technical specs and sales terms

Now it is final: the long awaited 28nm ASIC developed and produced by Bitmine AG is coming up for sale on Monday, September 9th. This generation has been named CoinCraft and here’s a quick review of the technical specifications, the new customer protection plan and everything else that you need to know before the great day.

Some information already leaked in the media in the past weeks and many rumors started to pop up in the forums. Now, we are officially announcing that our new products will go live for sale on Monday, September 9th starting at 20:00 CET, as two major lines of miners (the CoinCraft desk and the CoinCraft rig) and in bulk batches of just the CoinCraft A1 chip. The complete units will be delivered in the first half of December 2013 while the bulk A1 chips are available to major buyers as early as from the last week of November 2013. The two miners will be available in scalable and upgradeable sizes from 200 GH/s up to 2 TH/s, depending on the chosen configuration. Pricing will start from $1’600 up to a maximum of $13’900 for the CoinCraft units and from $5/GH for the CoinCraft A1 ASIC chips. Performances and efficiency of CoinCraft are industry leading, with power usage figures as low as 0.35 W/GH in low power mode.

With the development of our own ASIC we are finally able to end the era of unreliable Bitcoin miners suppliers. Being in control of  the whole supply chain, we are so confident that we will match our promised delivery dates that we have put in place a very strong customer protection plan. Additionally, our products will be available both directly from our web shop and thru a network of official distributors located in the major regions of the world. This approach will assure both native language pre- and after-sales support and local pickup availability for many countries.